In 1938 the company Crane Packing Ltd was formed. During the next 40 years various acquisitions were made and divisions created to have a presence within the marine market, resulting in the creation of a separate company, Deep Sea Seals Ltd (DSS) in 1971.

Deep Sea Seals is based in Havant, UK specialising in Seal technology with the company’s key market being Navies around the world. The field of expertise for DSS is ‘face type’ seals which were originally designed to meet the arduous needs of naval ships and submarines. Using this technology and know-how, one of the face seal types created was the Manecraft Seal – a smaller seal designed specifically for the pleasure craft / commercial and leisure markets.

Various other company changes occurred within DSS over the following 30 years and the Manecraft seal was put to one side as the company concentrated its core business in other areas. Recently, it was decided it was time to reignite the world renowned brand Manecraft, with the creation of a specific website to promote and sell this reliable product.

The history of Deep Sea Seals